"Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers." - Jonah Berger

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I'm very pleased with your responsiveness and good communication. I've been impressed with the quality of your team's work. My backlog is getting intense, but I feel as if you and your team are my secret weapons!

Carol D.

I recently started working with MicroScope Editing Services and my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. They respond quickly to inquiries, walk you through their process, and they proofread and scope the transcripts with the utmost accuracy. When they have finished a transcript, it is a well-done product.

Pam N.

I'm president of the MicroScope fan club. I never lie so I will write what a pleasure it is working with the MicroScope team. My notes are sometimes crappy and they make me look competent! 

Joan C.

In the rapid-paced, highly detail-oriented profession of court reporting, I would not be able to take on jobs at a minimum of five days a week (evenings and weekends on occasion as well), without the support of Microscope Editing. Of the countless scopists and proofers I have attempted to work with throughout my career, none maintain the level of professionalism, quality of work, and consistent timeliness of the entire Microscope team. Whether it was a "better" job or a disaster, they have never missed a deadline. As a reporter, the trust and peace of mind as to the quality of the transcripts they produce is priceless. For some context, they have covered trials, arbitrations, a myriad of experts, pharmaceutical litigation, patent litigation, and the list goes on. Aside from their level of skill, they have always treated me with respect and have shown themselves to be very kind individuals. If I haven't mentioned it already, they have never missed a deadline!!

Natalie P.

Matthew and his team of scopists are incredible! I've been searching for years for this setup. Thank you all so much for giving me balance back in my life! I'm so impressed with how pleasant everyone is to work with and keep up, even when I felt like my fingers wouldn't move anymore. All very accommodating and pleasant with last-minute schedule changes or debacles. Thank you all and I look forward to continue working with you all.

Karen F.

I wanted to compliment the professional, courteous and reliable work of Microscope Editing. I was without my regular scopist for some time, and I took a chance and contacted a new business to help me with some rush scoping jobs. Matthew, the main contact, was punctual and reliable with communication and understood exactly what I needed. Even better, he arranged someone to do my rush job immediately. And upon further thought, I realized I might as well take advantage of their scoping/proofing package and get it all done in one stop, as it were. Over the next week, I gave Matthew and his team some pretty tough stuff, court oral argument, and some tight deadlines - weekend work too. And they kept in contact with me and delivered everything on time. If something needed adjusting, they worked with me immediately to personalize specific services to the job, and to my preferences. I couldn't have been happier and highly recommend this scoping team. As an aside, I'm on Eclipse but they work with CaseCatalyst - however, I was able to easily convert their work back into Eclipse and with a few edits, get the document back as good as if it were done directly in Eclipse.

John F.